Professional Commercial AC Repair & Installation Service Broward County Florida

To keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently, look for Broward County, Florida professional commercial AC repair & installation service providers. You need services that are delivered by competent, professional, and skilled technicians and contractors.

Homeowners, business owners and office managers often do not realize that there are many things to consider and do with their air conditioning units. It’s not as simple as buying any AC on sale and switching it on.

There’s more to an AC system than simply choosing how low the temperature can go or how energy efficient it is. Before you even head out to search for an AC system for your business, you first have to assess your needs.

Imagine buying a medium-sized unit promising to cool an entire office in the middle of summer only to find out it can’t keep an office cool when it is packed with people. The size of the area that needs to be cooled and the number of people who will occupy that space should be considered to determine what kind of AC system to buy.

We have professionals who can help you evaluate your needs so you can choose the best HVAC system for your business premises. They can also make recommendations on specifications and brands that you can take a look at.

Your next concern would be the installation of your new AC system. Most commercial HVAC systems are not the plug-and-use type. There are more complicated installation steps and parts to deal with to install the unit properly and get it to run at peak performance.

For instance, the condensation lines need to be properly located in order to drain the condensates properly. Tubes must be properly installed and connected in order to create a good seal to get cool air circulating well. Our ServTech Solutions can take care of these installation concerns for you.

We have over 6 years of experience in providing services for many leading AC brands. Our technicians are well-trained, skilled, and knowledgeable in all aspects of AC systems installation and maintenance from AC needs evaluation to maintenance and repairs.

If you are in Broward County, Florida, professional commercial AC repair & installation service from ServTech Solutions is just a call away.

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Expert Repair Services for Your Commercial Air Conditioner in Broward County Florida For Office or Business Facility

When you own a business in Broward County, you need to install a commercial AC unit. It is specifically designed for offices and business facilities. A commercial HVAC unit will ensure comfort and satisfaction to your customers and employees. Service Tech provides expert repair services for your commercial air conditioner in Broward County, Florida for office or business facility. Our licensed and professionally trained technicians are always ready to help.

Service Tech Services

  • Commercial AC Repair
  • Commercial AC Installation
  • Residential AC Repair
  • Residential AC Installation
  • Central AC Repair & Installation
  • AC Maintenance/Tune-Ups

Note: We do not repair any small appliances.

Signs of Commercial AC Unit Problem

The following are the common signs of a faulty commercial AC unit:

  • The unit won’t turn on.
  • Fan isn’t operating/working.
  • There is noise and/or vibration during startup.
  • The compressor isn’t working.
  • The unit is producing hot instead of cool air.
  • Water is pooling around the AC unit.

Commercial AC Problems

These are the most common Commercial AC issues:

No Power

  • This may be associated with faulty wiring or tripped breakers.

Refrigerant Leak

  • This can cause further damage to the AC system. It is also harmful to your health.

Defective Fan Motor

  • This indicates that your fan motor needs a replacement.

Faulty  Compressor

  • When the unit keeps producing warm air, this may indicate a defective compressor.

High Electricity Bills

  • When your monthly electric bill is rising, suspect an AC system malfunction.

If your commercial AC unit is experiencing these problems, instantly consult an expert. Service Tech AC Solutions will help you deal with these problems properly. We’ve been providing AC repair services in Broward County for 6 fruitful years. If you have any queries, call us at (+1) 954-295-4032. You can also make an online appointment on our website.

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Expert Repair Services for Your Home Air Conditioner in Pompano Beach Area and Broward County Florida

If you live in the southern parts of Florida, an air conditioner is a necessity. Service Tech Solutions can take care of your AC installation, repair, and maintenance needs. We’ve been in the AC service industry for 6 years now. We provide expert repair services for your home air conditioner in Pompano Beach area and Broward County, Florida.

These are the AC services that we offer:

  • Commercial AC Repair
  • Commercial AC Installation
  • Residential AC Repair
  • Residential AC Installation
  • Central AC Repair & Installation
  • AC Maintenance/Tune-Ups

Note: We do not repair any small appliances.

Why do you need an AC expert?

Here are the reasons why you need AC experts to handle your AC repair needs:

  • They can make a thorough examination of your unit.
  • They are insured and thus the company can handle liabilities.
  • They can provide expert opinions and replacement options.
  • You get peace of mind knowing that your AC is being handled by a professional.

When to call for an AC professional

Call an HVAC technician when your AC unit:

  • Is creating a loud noise
  • Is producing unpleasant smells
  • Is producing hot air
  • Has a damaged thermostat
  • Is not working with a humidifier
  • Is not working at all
  • Causes your electricity bill to skyrocket
  • Compromises the health of your family

At Service Tech AC Solutions, we understand how hard it is to deal with an unstable AC unit. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the best AC services to help ease your burden. We want to make sure your family will be comfortable and safe throughout the year.

Your satisfaction DOES matter to us. Our HVAC technicians are professionally trained and certified. They will work quickly and efficiently to restore your AC. So if you need professional AC repair services, call us at (+1) 954-295-4032. We’d be glad to help.

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Importance of AC Repairs and Maintenance in Broward County Florida

The average life span of a well-maintained air conditioning unit is 10-15 years. If you fail to give it proper maintenance, it can only last for 5-7 years. Broward County is a coastal area that experiences weather extremes all year long. The harmful chemicals in the air such as sulfuric acid and salt can affect AC performance. The importance of AC repairs and maintenance in Broward County, Florida includes:

  • To reduce power consumption and prevent high electricity bills
  • To maximize the life span of the AC unit
  • To maintain the efficiency of HVAC unit

Signs that your AC unit needs a repair

Here are the signs that your unit needs a repair:

  • Strange sounds
  • Weird sounds can be an indication that something is wrong. When the unit produces excessive noise every time, there might be a problem with the indoor coil.
  • Strange odors
  • An unpleasant smell from your AC unit could mean capacitor damage. A musty smell may indicate mold buildup inside the ductwork. Your HVAC unit should be free from bad odors to keep the air clean.
  • Too much dust
  • This may indicate that there are leaks in the ductwork. This leads to poor air circulation and system failure.
  • Poor air/no cool airflow
  • Poor airflow is a sign that your unit needs immediate and serious repair. This also means that your compressor is not working well. No cool airflow is a clear indication that your system’s freon levels are extremely low or running out.
  • High electricity bills
  • When your monthly electric bill is rising, suspect that your AC unit is experiencing trouble.

AC Maintenance

To ensure that your AC unit is in good condition, schedule an annual maintenance/tune-up. This will prevent system malfunction and costly repairs.

When your unit experiences system issues, call your local HVAC technician immediately. You have to treat the underlying problem to prevent further damage to your unit. If the cost of repair is too much, consider purchasing a new AC unit.

Service Tech Solutions provides an immediate and proper solution to your faulty AC unit. Our company is certified and insured. We have highly trained technicians that will examine your unit thoroughly. We will give you honest feedback and offer practical solutions and alternatives. Service Tech Solutions also offers HVAC installation and maintenance services. Call us at (+1) 954-295-4032 or make an appointment online.

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Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance in Pompano Beach FL

The consistently hot temperature in Pompano Beach, Florida can be harsh and energy-draining. You need to have a well-functioning AC unit to keep your place cool all year round. The importance of air conditioner maintenance in Pompano Beach, FL includes:

  • To guarantee a long service life
  • To prevent expensive repair cost
  • To maintain the unit’s efficiency
  • To produce and maintain good air quality
  • To prevent unit breakdown
  • To avoid high electricity bills
  • To prevent airborne diseases

Regular AC Maintenance

An annual AC maintenance/tune-up can keep your unit in tip-top condition. This includes the following services:

  • Changing filters
  • Air-conditioning filters prevent dust buildup and improve air quality. Changing the filters of your HVAC unit regularly will maintain its efficiency.
  • Checking coolant level
  • The coolant or refrigerant creates the cool air in the AC system. Leaks can cause further damage to the unit.
  • Duct Cleaning and Repair
  • Indoor air quality is a primary concern. Regular duct cleaning can prevent any obstruction in the ductwork. Some of the most common duct obstructions are:
  • Blocked vents
  • Dirty air filters
  • Damaged or leaking duct work
  • Closed zone dampers
  • Thermostat checking
  • A thermostat is the temperature regulator of the HVAC unit. A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to uneven cooling and sudden rise in electricity bills.
  • Fixing broken or damaged internal parts.
  • Damaged AC parts are not easily noticeable. Continuing to run the AC unit might lead to system breakdown and unit failure.

Living in Pompano, Florida may feel like living in a tropical paradise, with warm weather all year round. But we understand how the smoldering heat of the sun can affect your comfort. We also know that your HVAC unit can’t sometimes keep up with the hot weather.

To keep your HVAC unit running well, Service Tech AC Solutions is here to help. We’ve been providing AC repair and maintenance services in South Florida for 6 years now. Our professionally trained experts will make sure your unit is at its best condition. If you need AC maintenance and tune-up services, call us at (+1) 954-295-4032. We will be happy to serve you.

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Central AC Repairs & Installations by Licensed Experts in Pompano Beach Florida

Are you planning on installing a centralized air conditioning system for your new office? Or is your existing system not running as efficiently as it should be? Remember that when it comes to motors, lower efficiency means higher power consumption. Keeping your cooling system running in top shape should be your utmost priority if you want to save on electricity bills. We at ServTech Air Conditioning Solutions offer central AC repairs and installation by licensed experts in Pompano Beach, Florida.

For Professionals Only

Installing a centralized air conditioning system is something that should be left only to trained professionals. Our people know the regulations and laws governing electrical and cooling systems in the state. Having fly-by-night technicians do the installation or repair for you might even cost you higher in the end. Worse, uninspected installations and repairs can cause a fire.

ServTech only employs certified, trained and experienced engineers and technicians. We also make sure that our people are up to date with the latest in air conditioning technologies. This ensures that we can handle any AC repair or installation need, no matter how big the system may be.

Excellent Service

ServTech has serviced a lot of satisfied customers since it was established. And to make sure that you get included in the list, we are even offering a free estimate on the installation of your centralized air conditioning system. Just give us a call and our representatives will be more than willing to discuss your requirements.

We know how important it is to have an efficiently running air conditioning system, especially during the hot months in Florida. Our engineers and technicians at ServTech can customize a cooling system that fits your needs.

So if you’re looking for central AC repairs & installations by licensed experts in Pompano Beach, Florida, give us a quick call! We’re happy to serve you!

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Air Conditioning System Repair in Pompano Beach Florida

Do you feel like you are high paying higher electricity bills than the usual? Or is your air conditioning unit not cooling the area enough? Then something might be wrong with your system, and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Lower efficiency means higher power consumption. We at ServTech Air Conditioning Solutions offer air conditioning system repair in Pompano Beach, Florida.

You’re in Good Hands

Air conditioning system repair is something that should not be taken lightly. You might be thinking a bit of DIY should solve your problems, but it could only make them worse. Leave the repairs to the professional and certified engineers and technicians of ServTech. We offer only the best repair service within the Pompano Beach area and we’re happy to talk about your repair needs.

We continuously train our personnel to make sure that they’re up to date on the latest air conditioning systems technologies. They’re also exposed to different setup and repair scenarios so you can be sure that they’ll be able to fix your unit no matter what the issue is.

From Small to Big

No air conditioning unit repair is too small or too big for us to handle. It might be a simple cleaning or a compressor replacement. Our people offer reliable and excellent service given any repair scenario.

From mini split type air conditioning units to centralized cooling systems, ServTech is more than able to fix your cooling problems.

Satisfied Customers

ServTech has been in the air conditioning installation and repair business for quite a while, and we have established a good reputation over the years. We have a long list of satisfied customers that can attest to the services we offer.

So if you are looking for air conditioning system repair in Pompano Beach, Florida, give us a call and we’re more than happy to serve you.

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Central Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Experts in Pompano Beach Florida

Nothing beats enjoying a lazy afternoon at home, while enjoying a movie marathon or television binge watching. All the while, the ambience is kept cool and cozy with the help of your air conditioning unit. But when your AC gives out, do not waste any more time debating on whether you should do the repairs yourself or hire someone to do it for you. ServTech’s central air conditioning repair & installation experts in Pompano Beach, Florida are known to provide fast and reliable services that fix the issues in no time.

Why hire ServTech professional technicians?

Although there are a lot of available resources on the internet detailing how you can do installations or repairs yourself, it is still best to leave this work to the experts.

Our technicians are professionally trained and armed with knowledge from years of experience on the job. Letting us do the job also helps prevent further damage to the unit because of unwise tinkering. Moreover, we can also spot potential troubles and fix them instantly.

We at ServTech Solutions are also proud to say that we are licensed, certified, and insured central air conditioning repair & installation experts in Pompano Beach, Florida. Therefore, you can be assured that you are getting service that is fast and reliable.

What we do

We at Servtech Solutions offer various services including the following:

*Central Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

* Air conditioning maintenance

* Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

* Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

* Residential Air Conditioning Repair

* Residential Air Conditioning Installation

You can also consult personally with our professional technicians to know what services suit your needs, or perhaps book an appointment to have your air conditioning repaired. We also do installations for both residential and commercial properties.

The comfort of your family comes first. Having a well-ventilated home is essential to the well-being of every family member. Therefore, you should trust only the experts on central air conditioning repair & installation experts in Pompano Beach, Florida. We at ServTech Solutions can give you just that. To know more, just call us via our hotline or check our website at

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