If you are looking for licensed repair technicians for instant AC repair in Pompano Beach, Florida, ServTech Solutions has what you need. We have well-trained professionals to answer any AC problems in both homes and offices.

Keeping your AC units well-maintained will help you avoid bigger problems and costly repairs. There’s also the inconvenience of going without air conditioning while waiting for the repair team to finish fixing your AC unit. Imagine going for hours or even days without AC during on a scorching hot summer afternoon.

Even the best brands of AC systems need regular tune-ups and maintenance checks. This is important to ensure that all the parts are still working properly and the unit is operating smoothly. At ServTech Solutions, we perform a comprehensive 21-point AC inspection.

The recommended tune-up frequency is at least once a year. You might not notice anything wrong with your AC system, but some parts could already be overworked. Your unit could break down anytime if you it is not maintained properly.

Among the many things that could possibly go wrong with your AC system include: buildup of dirt, dust, and debris in the air filters; growth of most and algae in the condensate drain line; and rusting of the wires and other metal parts. You need to pay special attention to the AC’s air filter, ducts, refrigerant levels, compressor controls, and thermostat censors among many others.

Not everyone can take care of their own AC units. In fact, home and business owners are not expected to be able to do this on their own. Our technicians at ServTech Solutions are all competent and knowledgeable about the various parts and requirements of different AC brands.

We do all the dirty work you. After the 21-point inspection, we will discuss the findings with you and recommend the appropriate solutions. With our comprehensive tune-up services, you can save more on your energy expenses as your AC system will be running more efficiently.

You do not have anything to worry about when our licensed repair technicians for instant AC repair in Pompano Beach, Florida takes care of all your AC maintenance needs.

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