The consistently hot temperature in Pompano Beach, Florida can be harsh and energy-draining. You need to have a well-functioning AC unit to keep your place cool all year round. The importance of air conditioner maintenance in Pompano Beach, FL includes:

  • To guarantee a long service life
  • To prevent expensive repair cost
  • To maintain the unit’s efficiency
  • To produce and maintain good air quality
  • To prevent unit breakdown
  • To avoid high electricity bills
  • To prevent airborne diseases

Regular AC Maintenance

An annual AC maintenance/tune-up can keep your unit in tip-top condition. This includes the following services:

  • Changing filters
  • Air-conditioning filters prevent dust buildup and improve air quality. Changing the filters of your HVAC unit regularly will maintain its efficiency.
  • Checking coolant level
  • The coolant or refrigerant creates the cool air in the AC system. Leaks can cause further damage to the unit.
  • Duct Cleaning and Repair
  • Indoor air quality is a primary concern. Regular duct cleaning can prevent any obstruction in the ductwork. Some of the most common duct obstructions are:
  • Blocked vents
  • Dirty air filters
  • Damaged or leaking duct work
  • Closed zone dampers
  • Thermostat checking
  • A thermostat is the temperature regulator of the HVAC unit. A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to uneven cooling and sudden rise in electricity bills.
  • Fixing broken or damaged internal parts.
  • Damaged AC parts are not easily noticeable. Continuing to run the AC unit might lead to system breakdown and unit failure.

Living in Pompano, Florida may feel like living in a tropical paradise, with warm weather all year round. But we understand how the smoldering heat of the sun can affect your comfort. We also know that your HVAC unit can’t sometimes keep up with the hot weather.

To keep your HVAC unit running well, Service Tech AC Solutions is here to help. We’ve been providing AC repair and maintenance services in South Florida for 6 years now. Our professionally trained experts will make sure your unit is at its best condition. If you need AC maintenance and tune-up services, call us at (+1) 954-295-4032. We will be happy to serve you.

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