Nothing beats enjoying a lazy afternoon at home, while enjoying a movie marathon or television binge watching. All the while, the ambience is kept cool and cozy with the help of your air conditioning unit. But when your AC gives out, do not waste any more time debating on whether you should do the repairs yourself or hire someone to do it for you. ServTech’s central air conditioning repair & installation experts in Pompano Beach, Florida are known to provide fast and reliable services that fix the issues in no time.

Why hire ServTech professional technicians?

Although there are a lot of available resources on the internet detailing how you can do installations or repairs yourself, it is still best to leave this work to the experts.

Our technicians are professionally trained and armed with knowledge from years of experience on the job. Letting us do the job also helps prevent further damage to the unit because of unwise tinkering. Moreover, we can also spot potential troubles and fix them instantly.

We at ServTech Solutions are also proud to say that we are licensed, certified, and insured central air conditioning repair & installation experts in Pompano Beach, Florida. Therefore, you can be assured that you are getting service that is fast and reliable.

What we do

We at Servtech Solutions offer various services including the following:

*Central Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

* Air conditioning maintenance

* Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

* Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

* Residential Air Conditioning Repair

* Residential Air Conditioning Installation

You can also consult personally with our professional technicians to know what services suit your needs, or perhaps book an appointment to have your air conditioning repaired. We also do installations for both residential and commercial properties.

The comfort of your family comes first. Having a well-ventilated home is essential to the well-being of every family member. Therefore, you should trust only the experts on central air conditioning repair & installation experts in Pompano Beach, Florida. We at ServTech Solutions can give you just that. To know more, just call us via our hotline or check our website at

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