Imagine lying on your couch on a weekend, ready for some relaxation and recreation. Then suddenly, the air conditioning unit starts making sounds and eventually gives up. Why waste time trying to fix it yourself when you can call certified air conditioner repair experts in Pompano Beach, Florida?

We at Servtech Solutions provide fast and reliable air conditioning repair and maintenance, whether it is for commercial or residential properties.

We cater not only to local residents, but also clients from nearby areas surrounding Pompano Beach.

Wide variety of services

We offer a wide variety of services to cover your air conditioning needs.

* Central Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

* Air conditioning maintenance

* Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

* Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

* Residential Air Conditioning Repair

* Residential Air Conditioning Installation

However, we do not repair small appliances. For more specific details on our services, you can reach us through our service hotline. You can talk to one of our certified technicians or book your own service appointment.

 Why trust ServTech Solutions?

ServTech Solutions is a licensed and certified company. We are also insured. Therefore, you can be sure that your investments are safe in professionals’ hands.

Our technicians are professionally trained and backed by years of experience on the job. Once in the area, they set to work to diagnose the issues with the air conditioning unit. Then goes on to discuss your options fir possible solutions.

As a result, you would be able to go back to enjoying your days off in no time.

Book your appointment now

If you want to know more about the work we do or schedule an appointment for servicing, you can contact us through our hotline 954-295-4032. You can also know more about us through our website at Get the service you deserve from reliable air conditioner repair experts in Pompano Beach, Florida at ServTech Solutions.

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