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HVAC Solutions, Heating Appliances Installation & Services


HVAC Solutions, Heating Appliances Installation & Services

Services Techac is a full service HVAC solutions provider serving thousands of esteemed clients in and around West Palm Beach and Broward Country Area. Our goal is earning your trust and keeping your business. We truly believe that referral is the best compliment and this is how we have built our base. Be it Ac Repair system, Air Conditioner Repair & Installation, Heating Repair, Appliances Repair & Installation Services, HVAC Solutions in South Florida.

Being a no hassle company, we offer a warranty of 1 year on selected equipment installations. We value your hard earned money and hence, our goal is sitting with you and your home and understanding its requirements. We understand that each home has different requirements and so, we wouldn’t sell you a service that you don’t need.

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HVAC Solutions, Heating Appliances Installation & Services

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Light commercial

At Services Techach, we take complete care of your commercial ventilation, heating and air conditioning needs.

Room Air Conditioning

Room or window air conditioners cool rooms rather than the entire home or business. If they provide cooling only where they're needed.

Services Contract Maintenance

An HVAC contract is a document that establishes your agreement with the Service Tech you hire to fix or maintain your heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Heating Appliances Installation

Appliance Installation by Service Tech AC .Let the experts take the hassle out of installing your new appliances.